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The path I've chosen

"I'm sorry. All I ever do is hurt people. Still, this is the path I've chosen."

Hello, and welcome to Earthbound a single page shrine created for the Fruits Basket Shrine Marathon, Onigiri Box. Earthbound is a dedication to Kureno Sohma the naive and kind hearted rooster of the zodiac. In this shrine I will attempt to explain Kureno, the experiences, and relationships that define him. I will focus heavily on the interactions and events that define Kureno and will feature little, if any, media. This is due in part to the limited existence of scans and materials featuring Kureno.

It should be noted that while Fruits Basket has been complete for a number of years, fans who are new to the series or who have not read the manga will be at risk for unmarked spoilers.

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The layout you are currently looking at is Version 01. This layout features scans from Chapter 95 and Chapter 127 that were scanned from my personal copies of the manga. The textures used in the layout are from vikyvampirs90 and crazykira-resources as well as some stock textures of birds. The fonts used in the layout are Ostrich Sans and Windsong from dafont.