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The Way Home

"I'm sorry. All I ever do is hurt people. Still, this is the path I've chosen."

Thank you for visiting Earthbound. I hope that you enjoyed your stay. Before you go please take the time to look at tsome site information, resources or perhaps even link back.

Earthbound was created between November 2015 and January 2016 as part of the Onigiri Box project. It is the second tribute created since reopening as Esperits.ORG. The name of the site came from Kureno's inability to fly following his curse being broken because he describes it as one of the thinks he truly misses.

The layout you are currently looking at is Version 01. This layout features scans from Chapter 95 and Chapter 127 that were scanned from my personal copies of the manga. The textures used in the layout are from vikyvampirs90 and crazykira-resources as well as some stock textures of birds. The fonts used in the layout are Ostrich Sans and Windsong from dafont.

Above are some oher wonderful Fruits Basket shrines. I urge you to take the time to look them over as they are all wonderful and unique much like a fruit basket.

Above are some banners that can be used to link back to this website. Please upload them onto your own server. If you have a Fruits Basket shrines, fansites, or fanlisting and are interested in affilitating please email me.